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Unity 3D game development

Unity 3D programmieren mit Kinder kostenlos

Unity 3D Game Development Online Trial Lesson


What is taught in the Unity 3D course?
After completing the course, your child:
•     Knows what a Unity 3D program is and how it works
•     familiarizes yourself with the popular Unity 3D game engine and the C# programming language
•     has practically mastered the basic principles and technologies of creating modern 3D computer games
•     learns how to model objects, create characters and animations, work with textures and lighting, design landscapes, grass and trees, use sound and create special effects
•     creates its own fully fledged computer game
•     acquires practical skills of a professional game application developer.
The course lasts 3 months.
In the first month, children will learn an important part of game development:
•    Unity Hub
•    Unity3D interface
•     the basics of C# and also create our first own 2D game.
The second month is devoted to an introduction to 3D game development. Here children will:
• Learn how to work with terrain and tools
•    develop their knowledge of the C# language
•   become familiar with 3D animations
•   create your first 3D game.
The third month aims to deepen knowledge in Unity 3D and C#. The following topics are learned:
•    object animation
• Create and apply    bots
•     Creation of UI objects and design of the starting game menu

The lessons of this course are a great way to start an exciting journey into the world of programming and creating games based on the modern and up-to-date Unity 3D engine!



10-16 years



Course duration:


(each 1 hour) 


individual and group work,

in online format

Number of Children:

from 3 to 8


for free

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