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About CODE CHECKER LAB programming school

Our courses give your children a practical insight into

the big IT world. Here your children acquire technical skills,

such as programming and creating mobile applications.

But that's not all. We also teach soft skills and opportunities

of design thinking, courses on founding a start-up and much more.

Our programming courses are designed to keep your kids entertained during

of teaching in a realistic high-tech atmosphere

immerse yourself and programming as an exciting journey into the

IT world fdiscover for yourself.

Our teachers have a wide range of teaching and IT project experience. You know the practical application of programming in leading international companies as well as in start-ups or universities. Small beginners who take their first steps in the IT world are given individual support. Advanced students who want to expand and deepen their knowledge are offered new challenges.


We see ourselves as a functioning team of teachers, students and parents. Through regular feedback, flexible survey methods and open dialogue, we ensure maximum permeability and transparency.

We are very motivated to make our Code Checker Lab programming school the best place for discovering the world of IT for you and your kids!


Programmierschule für Kinder Grunder

Ela Taube 

Teacher for the following courses
Coding Basics for Toddlers, Game Development with Scratch, Minecraft Programming, Minecraft: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Unity 3D, Design Thinking, Messenger in Python, Web Mastering, Digital Art: Drawing on a Tablet, Graphic Design with Photoshop, Painting in Style anime, video blogging
Numerous IT training courses and independent implementation of IT workshops in international companies (chatbot hackathons, prototyping in the field of artificial intelligence, IT architecture, etc.).
Heilbronn University, Heilbronn, Germany (Master of Business Administration)
Belarusian State Economic University, Minsk, Belarus (Master of Business Administration).
professional practice
IT business consultant for IT solutions in the areas of law, compliance, data security, auditing. Project competence for process automation, AI prototyping.
Many years of professional experience in the field of innovations and start-ups in international companies in Germany.
Interests / hobbies
Personality development, love know-how sharing, networker, world explorer, life designer, athlete.

“The whole world today is connected: people, countries, economies, technologies etc. Programming is a key competence of the future. It helps to better understand the world of the future, to actively shape it and to be an innovative member of the exciting and borderless society. The coding competence opens endless doors into the future for our children in this world and makes them the ambassadors of future technologies".

Programmierschule für Kinder Grunder

Sergej Taube 
Product manager

Instructor for the following courses
Game Development with Roblox, Minecraft Programming, Minecraft: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Minecraft in Python, Unity 3D, Games in Python, Messenger in Python, Web Mastering, Programming in JavaScript, Development of Game Scenarios
Numerous IT training courses in international companies
(SAP, process automation, e-commerce).
FOM Hochschule Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany (Master of Business Administration)
Technical University of Karaganda, Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
professional practice
The founder of a successful online shop for electrical engineering in Germany. Works in the field of IT sales in Germany in an international company and is responsible for customer advice in the field of automation of sales processes.
Interests / hobbies
Travel, fishing, sports, chess game.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: "Everywhere you only learn from the one you love".

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