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Educational opportunities for every child


Our CODE CHECKER LAB project with HERZ

We are committed to more equal opportunities in education. To this end, we launched the CODE CHECKER LAB with HERZ project together with the AEB Foundation to enable disadvantaged children to take part in our programming courses. 

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Is your child interested in discovering the exciting world of programming? Do you receive social benefits and are you looking for support in covering the costs of our courses? 

From May 2023 we will start the project "CODE CHECKER LAB with HEART" to give you equal educational opportunities. You can apply for funding here. 


Simply download the application form and email it to After the application has been checked, you will quickly receive confirmation from us that the costs of your desired course will be covered and you can book it directly online with your personal voucher code. The adventure of your programming journey begins. 

We look forward to seeing you. 

Our partner AEB Foundation


Social responsibility grows from success. Based on this conviction, the AEB Foundation was established in 2018 as an in-house foundation of AEB SE.

It supports educational projects for the disadvantaged in Germany and abroad.

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