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Ethical Hacker ONLINE

Sicherheit im Internet für Kinder

Ethical Hacker ONLINE


Originally designated the term “hacker” simply a programmer who corrects the bugs in a software in a fast and original way.

In public opinion today, hackers are mostly cybercriminals who use their skills to steal data, extort money or just cause harm.

But of course that is only one side of the coin.“Ethnic” or “white hackers” are the absolutely necessary response to the cybercrime threat.

They unerringly find errors in security systems and fix them before damage occurs. These specialists act absolutely legally. The profession is gaining popularity, as many companies are willing to pay good money for the vulnerabilities found.

Hacking education at CODE CHECKER LAB is conducted by experienced practitioners certified by ethical hackers.In class, you'll talk about unique break-in techniques and methods that can be used for defensive purposes.

No previous knowledge is necessary.

Content / Skills:

  • Insight into the threats and dangers lurking on the Internet

  • various aspects of information security in practice

  • “crack” account passwords

  • how do trojans, backdoors, viruses and worms work

  • how are DoS attacks carried out

  • Find loopholes, hack and protect various programs and systems

  • Bypass protection systems and cover tracks

  • Securely protect personal data and secret information

Hacking fascinates children and young people. In this course you will receive insider information, work practically and develop a feel for data security and the secure handling of personal information.


11-16 years



Course duration:

3 months/ once a week

(every 2 hours) 


individual and group work,

in online format

Number of Children:

from 3 to 8



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