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Game development with Python ONLINE Basic

Python Spielentwicklung programmieren mit Kinder

Game development with Python Basic ONLINE 



Python is one of the simplest and most popular development languages.Their use is universal: Intel, Hewlett-Packard and IBM use Python for hardware testing, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar and others use Python for animation. Python's role in Netflix and Yelp software infrastructure is high, NASA uses Python to solve scientific programming problems, and even the US National Security Agency uses Python to encrypt and analyze intelligence information.

The default implementation of Python is written in C# and runs on almost every platform in use today: from computers and gaming consoles to digital assistants and the largest supercomputers. With that isPython one of the most relevant cross-platform programming languages.

Game programming and multimedia content creation are Python's strengths.In addition to many projects by independent developers, cult games have also been written in Python. Icelandic company CCP Games' grandiose space simulator EVE Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, makes extensive use of Python. In the equally legendary Civilization IV, customizable scenario events are written entirely in Python.

The course is equally suitable for children who are just starting out with Python without any prior knowledge.He findson-lineinstead of.

Content / Skills

  • Basics of the popular Python language

  • painting and animationate with the help of code

  • write your own games


Teenagers between the ages of 10 and 14 are the prime age to start programming in Python.


Game development as a learning tool is the most exciting format for learning programming languages.



11-16 years



Course duration:

1 month/ 1 time per week

(every 2 hours) 


individual and group work,

in online format

Number of Children:

from 3 to 8


105.00 € / monthly



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