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Game development  Scratch CLASS

Scratch programmieren mit Kinder

Game development  Scratch CLASS from 27.04.2023


Scratch Basic Offline is an easy-to-understand and entertaining programming language for creating your own games and multimedia applications and sharing them. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) developed Scratch specifically for children and young people under the motto "imagine, develop, share". Scratch offers a unique environment in which children learn to program through play. Because Scratch does not use complex codes or require manual input. The program consists of colourful, visual building blocks that can be dragged and dropped like building blocks in the Lego constructor.

No prior knowledge is required to participate.
The course takes place in person.


Content & Skills:

  • Basics of programming with Scratch

  • Creation of various scratch objects - moving, arranging and modifying create new forms of interaction between the building blocks

  • Creation of own applications:  animated and interactive stories, presentations, models, games,...

  • Deepening of knowledge in mathematics

  • Development of algorithmic thinking

  • Strengthening of teamwork

Game development in Scratch is a creative format where sparks fly easily.The acquired programming skills will be the key for the further successful development of your child in the field of IT, networking and teamwork.


8-10 years




Projectwork individually and in a group on site 

Number of Children:

from 3 to 8



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