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Game development  Scratch Starter

Scratch programmieren mit Kinder kostenlos

Games development  Scratch trial lesson from September 21, 2022


Game Development in Scratch Basic Offline is an easy to understand and fun programming language developed by MIT especially for kids. Scratch makes programming accessible and fun to learn. This is a unique environment where children can learn to code, translated into 50 languages. Programming games for children in Scratch becomes quite easy since visual language is used instead of text. No special knowledge or training is required for the training. Scratch has no complex codes and no manual input. The program consists of colorful visual building blocks that you just need to drag and drop, such as: B. Building blocks in the Lego constructor. You can change the program at any time - the result is immediately visible. After completing the Scratch for Kids course:
-    Your Child: Learn the basics of programming with the Scratch visual programming language.
-    learn to create different objects, move them around the screen, modify them and play with them, creating forms of interaction between them;
-     will create its own animated and interactive stories, presentations, models, games and other works;
-     will deepen the knowledge of mathematics; will develop algorithmic thinking;
-     learn to work in a team.
Teaching children Scratch is carried out in an interesting creative format. Such activities will not leave any child indifferent. And the acquired programming skills will be the key to the further successful development of the child in the field of IT and not only.



7-12 years




individual and group work,

in online format

Number of Children:

from 3 to 8


for free

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