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Python & Unity 3D 


Python & Unity 3D game development

We created the CODE CHECKER LAB SUMMER CODING CAMP for children from the age of 10 who enjoy programming and want to improve their skills in programming with Python & Unity 3D together with like-minded people during the holidays.


Each shift is loaded with the latest knowledge, successful programming projects in the program Python & Unity 3D and active spending of free time - the child will remember these days only with the most positive emotions!

Who is this course for?





Llearning process





What the student will learn in the course


The students of the course get to know programs for working with texts, images, tables and infographics.

The course teaches you how to use computers and the Internet correctly and safely.

The course lays the knowledge base for anyone interested in computers and programming.

training program
The program includes: theory, practice and problem solving. We regularly collect feedback and continuously improve our program

Personal Access

Each student has access to a personal account to track the progress of the education


After each lesson, the student is given homework to review the topic and consolidate knowledge.


10-14 years




Group work, in online format

booking for the

29.05-02.06.2023 or


afternoon, 11:00-13:00

Number of Children:

5 - 12


174€.00/ course


Children aged 11-14 years old
*even without prior knowledge of programming

Python & Unity 3D.png

Programming great projects in Python & Unity 3D
Get creative and have fun

check list.jpg

pre-installed program Python & Unity 3D
*own laptop, headset & mouse
(You will receive a simple technique check list before the start of the camp)

1 module: ​Game development with Python

The course is equally suitable for children who are just starting out with Python without any prior knowledge. It takes place online.

Content / Skills

  • Basics of the popular Python language

  • Paint and animate using code

  • write your own games


Teenagers between the ages of 11 and 14 are the prime age to start programming in Python.


Game development as a learning tool is the most exciting format for learning programming languages.

2 module: ​Unity 3D game development

The course is equally suitable for children who are just starting out with 3D game development or who already have basic knowledge in this area. It takes place online.


Content / Skills:

  • Profile and features of Unity 3D

  • Introducing the Unity 3D game engine and the C# programming language

  • Basic principles and technologies of creating modern 3D computer games

  • Model objects, create characters and animations, work with textures and lighting, design landscapes, use sound and place special effects

  • Creation of your own, full-fledged computer game


The course is divided into three blocks (one month each).

Part 1: Principles of game development

  • UnityHub

  • Unity3D interface

  • the basics of C#

  • Creation of a first own 2D game

Part 2: 3D Game Development

  • terrain and tools

  • Deepening of C#

  • 3D animations

  • Creation of a  first own 3D game

Part 3: Deepening of knowledge

  • object animation

  • Create and use bots

  • Creation of UI objects and design of the start game menu


The course is an exciting journey into the world of programming.  Creating games with the latest Unity 3D engine is the bridge to your child's interests.

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